- Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company Founder
Prism Digital Communications

Prism Digital Communications is a print and cross media communications and marketing automation solutions company. Our genesis as a company was driven by the realization that the process of marketing needed to change as did the format of what marketing creates—communications. We invested in core digital imaging technologies and software setting the foundation for executing our vision of what a successful marketing services provider needs to be. With the advancement of post script technologies, and the emergence of Web 2.0 and its conceptual premise to facilitate communication with secure information sharing, application interoperability, and collaboration on the world wide web, we set down the path to create a company that can help marketers deliver communications that are timely, targeted, synchronized and generated in multiple formats including variable data printing, permission based email, personal Web sites and landing pages, rich media and SMS/MMS Text messaging.

Our philosophy as a company is to provide solutions that synchronize marketing channels and messaging for the right customer or prospect, with the right offer, using the right channel, at the right time. In addition, we are also focused on the customer experience with those communications and the user experience in using our solutions. Through our marketing automation solutions including Prism Web to Distribution™, and SalesRxcelerator™, we enable clients to leverage their marketing assets to capitalize on real time market opportunities and data increasing response rates and relationship value within their prospect and customer base. Our solutions are highly tailored to each client or opportunity leveraging our core technology and skills thereby allowing our clients to create for one while producing for many.

Our vision has become a reality and beyond the gratification of doing what we do we will continue to expand upon our capabilities and deliver marketing solutions that are measurable not only in response rates but with higher revenue and profits. To do so we rely on our team of professionals that have combined their unique experiences and skills to create a company that is proven, innovative, accountable and committed to our client’s success.