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Cross Media Marketing

Prism Digital provides a robust cross media capability that allows clients to develop and execute direct marketing campaigns synchronized across multiple communication channels including variable data printing, personalized email, personal web sites/landing pages, SMS/MMS text messaging and rich media utilizing Real Time Personalization (RTP). Our cross media solution generates user preferred communications where marketers can execute campaigns that deliver highly relevant communications to their prospects and customers in a preferred or more convenient format. Cross media campaigns are all about maximizing your offer, making it actionable, and generating higher response rates. Regardless of your data you will be able to execute a cross media campaign that can generate or mine data, develop or support segmentation, generate unique offers, drive revenue and desired outcomes.

Cross Media Marketing Overview A success factor of any cross media campaign is driving real time personalization across each of the media channels engaged for the campaign. For print requirements cross media utilizes variable data printing which enables you to create customized print collateral or direct mail. Your direct mail components can be produced with addressing and postal presort done in-line with customization maximizing time to market benefits while reducing additional processes.

Our personalized Email engine is integrated into our cross media software platform supporting full variable text and imaging for email distribution in both HTML, and text emails. Like traditional email capabilities any emails distributed via our cross media service provides complete user tracking and email management.

With cross media campaigns Emails and variable data printed collateral often contain PURL’s (personal URL’s) which drive users to personalized Web sites or landing pages. At this point, the opportunity for a dynamic and two way conversation with your customer or target happens along with the delivery of personal messaging based on historical data, segmentation or user based inquiry. Both emails and landing pages may include rich media.

Finally with our cross media solution you can deliver highly personalized SMS/MMS messages. Use of text messaging in cross media campaigns can vary from a call to action to messaging reinforcement and reminders or as a user preferred means for receiving information from a marketer. Landing pages can also be developed specific to mobile device browsers.

Cross Media Marketing Continuum

Due to their synchronized and highly personalized approach cross media campaigns represent an opportunity to significantly increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, customer acquisition and overall marketing ROI. It is also a great way to increase the return on lead generation programs that will in turn provide more data insights to convert those leads. With real time analytics you can change messaging and offers to guide higher and or more preferred responses to your campaigns. With cross media campaigns you can drive and or support multiple call to actions that are user preferred which in itself creates the opportunity for greater responses. Cross Media Data Tracking

A key benefit of any cross media campaigns is the ability to track responses and develop better customer data insights and profiles while increasing marketing ROI. Any client using our cross media solution will have the ability to log on and view a customized dashboard that provides information and responses to any campaign they are running. For direct mail, tracking and measurement is based on the cross media call to actions you can provide the recipient or a phone number to your call center or salesperson. A PURL is a great way to show conversion as well as drive acquisition from the landing page. Another useful tactic is providing a unique and personalized code that can be giving to a call center operator or applied to a reply card. Finally providing a text message number where the recipient can text you is a unique and key differentiator for using our cross media solution.

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