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Event Marketing

Prism Digital provides a comprehensive solution for meeting the many logistical and communication requirements of organizing, running and the after marketing of events and related programs. Cross media campaigns are a great way to synchronize the marketing and call to action items for event marketing. Most event marketers currently use direct mail, email blasts and have a web site or web pages to promote their event. Often there is very little segmentation or personalization used for event marketing and we can easily change that so you can increase the response rates and performance of your event marketing efforts.
Event Marketing Methodology

Event marketers may need to recruit companies to exhibit at an event as well as get people to attend. By engaging our event marketing solution you can implement cross media and real time personalization (RTP) that will simplify your efforts but create a much more detailed and thorough program to drive registration, attendance, exhibitor and sponsor commitments as well as logistical efforts of accommodations, travel, itinerary’s, agendas, speaker kits, badges, programs, signage etc… Equally important is through the marketing process we are tracking all interactions and bookings on a dedicated database so you have all of your data regarding commitments and responses a click away. The level of automation we provide will be aligned to your requirements and the frequency of your event marketing requirements.

Using Prism Digital’s Cross Media with Real Time Personalization

Our capabilities using variable data marketing make it optional for you to create separate creative files for your various targets. We can address via the data file and segmentation. Thus you can use a common design element and populate it with information and messaging for exhibitors vs. attendees with additional personalization based on the target and or segmentation. In the direct mail or email you will personalize the messaging appropriately and you will include a personal URL (PURL). This PURL will take the user to your event site that is now customized to them and based on their profile as a potential exhibitor or attendee. If an exhibitor who had previously exhibited, you may want to offer an assumptive close and allow the person to confirm their participation and provide details such as their previous booth location etc… vs. a prospective exhibitor where your messaging may be targeted on benefits of exhibiting, sponsorships or exhibiting options. Once they are confirmed the cross media engine can then produce all of the necessary components such as badges and event agendas etc… for the participants.

For attendees your messaging could be personalized and customized based on the title or job responsibility, size of business, previous attendance etc… and if you don’t have any of that messaging you will gather it from the landing page. In any instance the user can confirm and go to the commerce function to register and pay. Prior and on the day of the event you can send a text message or email to the attendee reminding them of their RSVP or your both location and include a map. The following represents the potential workflow scenario for you.

Event Marketing Scenario

Company Sponsored Events or Drive Booth Visits

If you’re a company sponsoring an event you can use similar tactics as well as allocate the proper staff and resources to support the event. In today’ economy you want to be in front of your customers as well as have the right people with you to support such engagements. Event budgets are often inflated due to unnecessary staff and sales personnel attending the event. By utilizing our event marketing solution with cross media you will not only engage your customer or prospect more effectively to attend but you will also be able to plan your resource allocation properly. Once a user confirms their attendance you can produce and distribute customized components such as badges, luggage tags, workshop agendas, and travel itineraries as well as determine who on your staff needs to attend based on the responses. Beyond getting a commitment from your customers or targets you can use your landing pages as a means for the recipient to book a specific time or appointment for them to come to your booth. This provides the recipient convenience knowing you will be prepared to address their interests, needs or other requirements while providing you a plan of action for addressing your customers and prospects needs and attaining your event participation objectives.

Seminars and Local Programs

If you are looking to host a smaller event such as a seminar, luncheon or networking program our solution is completely viable and its automation will make it very easy for you to do not only once but on a reoccurring basis. The following example shows how our event marketing process is being used by the FTSE to drive attendance local events. The template design allows for them to easily re-purpose and distribute as needed. A common formatted data file is used and automatically populates the template.

Event Marketing

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