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Print Communications

Prism Digital Communications offers a comprehensive print communications solution. From transactional static printing to direct mail and variable data printing to large format printing we can meet the diverse print and visual communication requirements of our clients. Since we have a focus on driving automation and leveraging technology to create efficiencies and competitive advantages for our clients our Print Communication solution represents a combination of services that can be used separately or as an integrated solution.

Xerox iGen3 Digital Press Digital Printing as a transaction service represents the entry level area of our Print Communications solution. We receive and process files and orders from clients supporting such needs as product sheets, brochures, manuals, coupons, booklets, sales training materials, post cards, invitations, and presentations in addition to others. Our digital printing is provided with Xerox iGen technology that represents some of the most sophisticated post script technology in the world. Digital printing is not color copying and represents a far more sophisticated opportunity to address marketing communication requirements.

Our offset quality products allow customers to produce in quantities that support immediate requirements reducing the need and cost to warehouse materials that may become obsolescent. We live in an on demand world and digital printing is designed to meet that requirement. Run sizes vary from 1 to hundreds of thousands. Papers types are the same as conventional printing, from 20# bond to 16 PT cover stock to translucent and other specialty type papers. With our digital printing technology paper does not need to be pretreated and we can print on environmentally friendly and FCP certified papers. Our maximum paper size for digital is 14.3” x 22.5" which is unique and larger than other digital printing presses.

At Prism Digital Communications we are committed to adhering to our clients specific branding and identity requirements along with supporting their environmental policies. Meeting color and brand standards via digital printing can surpass offset printing when comparing process color matching. With our digital printing solutions we can process files in both CMYK and RGB formats. This gives us a much larger color spectrum for the algorithm of our processing engine to use and meet PANTONE Matching System® colors. During the file preparation process, we recommend designers select key colors as Pantone® Spot Color and not as a process color match (CMYK). This allows us to provide a better match to that specific color. At Prism we have mastered the art of producing solid colors with digital so applying flood colors is supported including applying gradations. Besides color matching of corporate and brand colors our ability to reproduce product and photo images is of the highest quality and consistency.

We are glad to provide the Prism Digital Color Swatch Book for your review that shows our color matching on gloss, dull, matte and uncoated stocks.

Pantone and Pantone Matching System are registered trademarks of Pantone Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of XRite, Incorporated

Beyond color, the ability to meet corporate paper standards is fairly simple for us. Our digital printing technology doesn’t require us to use pre-treated papers as we use the same brands and grades of papers used for sheet-fed offset. We print on coated and uncoated papers and we can also print on textured stocks as well as synthetic materials. Our digital printing solution allows us to comply with client environmental requirements by printing on FSC certified and other recycled papers. Digital printing is fully recyclable and we use no toxin or petroleum based products. For more information on our environmental policies please visit the About Us section of our web site.

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Direct Mail with digital printing provides some unique advantages and is complemented with our Variable Data Printing capabilities. We meet the traditional requirements of mailing list processing for presort automation, CASS and NCOA certifications and mailing fulfillment such as envelope insertion, sealing and addressing. However with digital printing we print and address at the same time using our variable data capabilities for self mailers and pieces using window envelopes which reduces time and cost. We also provide match mailing services where we match personalized or customized materials with a separately personalized and addressed envelope.

This example is a self mailer that has been addressed, personalized in four different places to the recipient and produced as if sent directly from their real estate agent. Over 50,000 customers receive this communication from more than 500 different agents
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Variable Data Printing

With variable data printing or 1:1 printing as some call it, we can personalize and customize the mailing or collateral that is being printed with each impression. The difference between personalization and customization in our view is complexity. Personalization is text that is specific to the recipient including their name, their company, or other personal types of information such as a policy number etc… Customization, includes personalization as well as complex programming to allow for different images, body text , even colors based on the recipients profile or segmentation. In any scenario Prism Digital Communications has the experience, application resources and staff to meet any variable data requirement.

Variable data printing is executed by integrating design files such as InDesign with data that can be supplied as an Excel file or extracted directly from a database. Your data and design elements are then integrated with business rules and logic aligned to your campaign objectives and then executed. Producing a variable data printed piece is a form of Real Time Personalization (RTP) and a concept that takes on more meaning with our Cross Media capabilities. Other examples of variable data printed project would include the use of historical or lead generation data based on customer and prospect interactions with a web site, sales person, or call center to name a few. In any scenario Prism Digital Communications has the experience, application resources and staff to meet any variable data requirement.

Why Variable Data Printing
Key Considerations for Variable Data Printing
Higher response rates and lower conversion costs
Tailor messaging to recipients based on their interest, needs or previous history
Provides higher tracking and response measurement
Based on analysis change your campaign in mid stream if you are not getting the right responses
Easily integrates with the Web to drive more effective call to action via personal web pages using PURL's that are printed on the collateral
Use for prospects and customers who have opted out of email and deliver the same personalized experience as email
Use for market research and testing
Use images and content that aligns to segmentation or user profile
Execute in multiple languages from the same InDesign file

Regardless of the data source, variable data printing (VDP) is proven to increase response rates along with relationship value and benefits. VDP is a key component of relationship marketing initiatives and the initiation of real time personalization (RTP). VDP can be executed as print only campaigns or synchronized with other media channels as a cross media or cross channel marketing campaign where a sequence of communications in multiple formats are developed and executed to meet the marketers campaign objectives and call to action—often a purchase. Don’t let the notion that you don’t have the right data, too much data or no data prevent you from considering a variable data campaign. Our team of specialists can help you map out a campaign that may include tactics to get data or better qualify existing data ultimately converting prospects into customers and customers in to recurring customers. Variable data printing is also a great way to execute up sell opportunities increasing the purchase value and ROI on your marketing efforts while reducing your cost of sales. If you have, or are looking to implement segmentation strategies than VDP should be a core requirement for maximizing your strategies.

With our VDP solution you can easily support multi cultural marketing requirements by printing in different languages with different images using the same InDesign file. Your campaigns can be executed at the same time reducing time to market issues, maximizing campaign opportunities and reducing the production expense from running campaigns separately.

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Print on Demand

Print on Demand Print on Demand (POD) is primarily a transaction based solution representing an entry level to our marketing automation solutions. POD is different than Web to Print based on the fact that with POD composed files are processed with at times mailing files where with Web to Print users can customize templates through a web interface and then process their order. The concept of POD evolved from Just In Time Management (JIT) business philosophy which is an inventory strategy implemented to improve the return on investment of a business by reducing in-process inventory and its associated carrying costs.

Digital printing and the advancement of post script technologies have played a key role in the further development and adoption of POD. The more common utilization of POD is through 2 means:

1. Process a print order for immediate needs and requirements so that there is no remaining inventory to manage, warehouse and re-distribute.
2.Imprint content on pre printed color shells.

At Prism Digital Communications we not only offer these we have extended additional automation and processing benefits through custom Web stores that meet client specific POD requirements. At the entry level clients can process orders via our web site using their secure account log-in. Upon log-in they can upload their file and provide the necessary requirements and process their order. After placing their order they will receive a proof, either as a PDF or press proof based on their submission and ultimately a quick turnaround. Based on specific client needs we have developed dedicated POD Web stores.
Automated Print on Demand

Large Format/Visual Communications

Prism Digital Communications provides large format and visual communication solutions for retail, event marketing and franchise companies. We utilize our Web to Print digital storefronts to allow customers to access, manage and customize their visual communications and sign requirements. Whether its for a seasonal retail program, a new store opening, in-store promotions or event signage and banners we can provide a completely integrated solution that helps you keep items current and order management and processing one click away. Whether is its one banner or thousands of sign kits we can meet your requirements.

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