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Web to Print/Digital Storefronts

Prism Digital Communications provides an industry leading Web to Print solution. We build and develop dedicated and client branded digital store fronts that are highly secure and scalable and accessible via the Internet as an on demand service. Each of our Web to Print solutions are executed based on our clients business rules and requirements which also coordinates user permission and access rights. Within these solutions are various corporate branded marketing assets such as logo’s, photos, and designed templates for collateral, direct mail, and signage (large format visual communications). For direct mail requirements users can access, upload and even purchase mailing lists and or access other data sources to meet their composition and mailing requirements. Workflows include the ability to automatically populate templates based on user and target information profiles or determined objective of the selected asset where the user will process using a sequence of drop down menus to populate the template. Beyond collateral we can also include ad specialties and premiums, PowerPoint templates, publications, articles and any other element that is used for marketing and promotion.

Web to Print Matrix Web to Print solutions are generally used by salespeople, real estate agents, marketers, administrators, event planners, advertising/direct marketing agencies, franchises and franchisers, who select templates that align to their requirement and customize that template with “local” information. Who better to communicate to a local audience based on local needs and events than the salesperson, local marketing coordinator, relationship manager, store or franchise for that area? You provide the rules, the assets, and the templates we provide the security, infrastructure, and processing engine and your users will drive business. Our Web to Print storefronts also allow you to send files to any printer in your supply chain.

Designed with a Purpose Supporting Business Rules and Good User Experience

Web Store Focus A Web to Print solution ultimately is a Web site and therefore needs to be developed by aligning business goals with user goals to create a great user experience. We define user experience as the total interaction users have with content, function and interface. This is a key differentiator for our Web to Print solutions compared to other providers who often offer a framework that you have to adopt your processes to and don’t address specific business or user requirements with ease. We take the time to understand your requirements, how those requirements will translate to a Web to Print digital storefront and most importantly how your users will be able to maximize the solution, its investment and meet its objectives for developing. We incorporate defacto web standards and multiple navigation elements to ensure user success which delivers business success.

Secure and Scalable

Access to the Web to Print storefront is via a browser that is secure requiring a user ID and password. All storefronts offer SSL certificates and 128 bit encryption. Once in the store users can access various templates and or assets for ordering in desired quantities, or configuring and customizing while determining how to distribute whether in bulk or via the mail. These templates can include printed items such as post cards, letters, posters, signs, brochures, product sheets, business cards, letter heads, manuals, invitations, presentation etc.. along with premiums such as mugs, shirts, pens, or any other premium item your company uses. The templates are organized within the storefront using defacto navigation and logical product hierarchy configuration.

Customizing Templates

When a user selects a template they are given details and step by steps instructions on how to process their orders. With our focus on reinforcing branding standards, users can not alter designs or standards unless allocated for in the rules developed for that particular template. Tools as drop downs for data selection and automated data entry and variable image imposition can be driven based on profiles, business rules or any other specified criteria. Spell check is provided when ever open text is used and users must review and approve proofs before they can order. In addition should a user require other internal approvals for the order to be processed any required approvers would receive email notification that they need to view the user created proof. A time stamp is used and all managed through the web store back end.

In this store users follow a step by step instruction process to complete the selected direct mail template. They can view an image of what they are working on as they progress.

Upon completing the required information to process this direct mail invitation, the user reviews a proof that must be approved before the order can be processed for purchase. In this store credit card transaction processing is used to complete orders.
Data/Mailing Lists/Sales Leads

With Prism Web to Print digital storefronts, you will have the capability to upload and manage mailing lists for mailing and customization requirements as well as acquire sales leads to market to.Within a storefront a user will be able to upload from their computer a mailing list to use for a direct mail requirement or they can access a list(s) within their List/Recipient Manager. In addition we provide templates within the store for users to download and add their data to.

With most stores, users can upload mailing files from their computer folder directory or from a database. Users can also store their data files in the store that is secure and only viewable based on user ID. To support reusing, users can edit the files they have in the store for other needs and save as a new file name.
We also provide the opportunity for users to purchase lists and or sales leads. List purchases can be done based on the following categories with over 300 different criteria scenarios:

    Occupant List
    New Homeowner
    New Mover
    Specialty List
    Physician List

Geographic targeting, demographics and other segmentation strategies can be executed along with various suppression tactics.


Detailed reporting is available and can be customized based on client requirements. All orders processed in our Web stores are tracked by user, by order, and by product/template. Users can track their orders during production and once shipped are provided the shipping tracking information for FedEx or UPS via email confirmation. Customer designated Store Administrators can set user access rights, remove templates/assets and upload new templates and assets to staging area as well as configure system reports.

Hosting and Support

All of our developed Web Stores and Digital Storefronts are hosted in a dedicated state of the art SAS Type II certified hosting facility. We provide user training both on site and via training modules available on the stores or via weekly Web based training programs. Phone and email technical support are also provided.

Business Benefits of Web to Print/Digital Storefronts
1.Empower your marketing and sales teams to market at the local level creating higher relevance and relationship benefit
2.Built in commerce engine reduces business and procurement management
3.Aggregate your marketing and promotion assets to a common repository that insures version control and reduces time management and related costs
4.Leveraging template design will reduce creative fee’s while enabling Real Time Personalization (RTP) for messaging
5.Address market conditions and opportunities based on real time creation and distribution
6.Reduce obsolescence and warehousing costs
7.Tracking of assets and asset utlization enables more effective ROI for print
8.Access or maintain mailing lists for targeting and distribution requirements

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